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Personally I he had the best to leveling up quicker with Sword but I noticed that if you run Auto on crash and either put n 1.... Whatever and thgo to trend Ball and bet red  & you I'll always get your bet back and maybe a lil more .  

$1 on Auto bet cashout 2. And Trend Ball bet $1 on red running Auto so if it's above or below 2 you'll always get your $2 back. 

But I get bird with that so preferably out Main o Auto 1$*20

Go to trend Ball and bet 1$ on red green and yellow 

On CAve it.s good to fill them up if u can and leave it full and come back of it periodically it has better luck with less skulls.O

Orientalbest I've gotten was  like. X25

**Sword uvrngottenx 100 at least 1 a day ***










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