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$500 Giveaway - November


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Hey Everyone,

 I’m running a giveaway for November which has a total of $500 in prizes for my BCGame affiliates. The comprises of $50 per week in a weekly wager race, $100 in monthly raffle prizes and $200 in a multiplier hunt giveaway.

I do giveaways like this every month so please come and follow over on my telegram group and channel and join in the fun! The giveaways are for my affiliates only, however I do also do random giveaways for non-affiliates.

Telegram Group - @GamblersCave

Telegram Channel for giveaway notifications - @GamblersCaveGiveaways


Last week’s winners of the wager race were –

1.     Dakata1 - $25

2.     Mhayjhai - $15

3.     GKD69 - $10


Week 2 is now LIVE and running, full details are below



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I vouch for this promo - Win some free money guys and gals!

"Life is the biggest scam of all, because eventually you die."

- digitaldash

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sulit bos


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