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this is real for nuts check this your self... LOL


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Hey there i got a problem with a round at crash.

After contacting the support i recieved the following mesage like following on later, first of all my problem.

i was at balance: 10.7374001 xrp

After placing bet for round in value 0.4 xrp Win(CRASH-2935834)  10-11 04:05:19 i changed betsize to 0.7374001 for betamaount of the next round to have a clear balance of 10 xrp if i lose this round.

The round started and crash went up, the winning also went up, 0.8 0.9 and than it crashed. after the crash of this round suddenly 5 xrp where taken from my balance and the round crashed at 1.02.

i was confused due to i didnt even change the last betamounts value of 0.7374001 xrp.

so i looked for what happend but i couldnt understand what happend.

the round from crash where my 5 xrp just disappeared without that i placed a bet is Betting(CRASH-2935838)

next part coming

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now theres a litle fail in this stolen 5 xrp not by me made bet.

officially it crashed at 1.02. but have a look here.

user: Authentic Carlstrom   betid: 16321705 cashoued out this round at 1.96 like 7 other users with betids: 16321702 16321687 16321691 16321701 16321698 and others.


so how is it possible that a bet with 5 xrp that i didnt place is crashed at 1.02 while others cashout at the same round at 1.96 ?

i wrote to the customer service about this and what he wrote is really aboslutely in no acceptable order. have a loot yourself. you be abled to stop laughing.

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Ive sent the Agent the screenshots that he asked for. AFTER recieving AND wathing them he toled me:


Yes exactly... i didnt loose this 5 xrp.... craphead?


System says Bet(CRASH-2935838) crashed at 1.02


System says Bet(CRASH-2935838) crashed at 1.02.

System says other players cashed out at 1.96 in Bet(CRASH-2935838) crashed where system says its crashed at 1.02.



Customer services toled me this system wont do things on its own, its my fault, i placed the bet, and my money didnt disapear.

this system is free of errors.

OFC ...... Seems like i got my private crash slot server.... NICE

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Hash 743c2d874b6d8a8dcdf9fc19acf4d70f74f12a380b43f5deb4607f80852f4c33
Game's hash 743c2d874b6d8a8dcdf9fc19acf4d70f74f12a380b43f5deb4607f80852f4c33

salt 0000000000000000000e3a66df611d6935b30632f352e4934c21059696117f28

Amount of games 10




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They crashed at 1.96 because they bet red on trendball. Everyone else crashed.

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