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Don’t Change Your Numbers After Every Draw


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One of the most widely used keno strategies is sticking to the same set of numbers no matter if you win or lose. It has been proven that the frequent change of the numbers you play with increases the house advantage. Having said that, the winning numbers are randomly drawn and looking for a logical explanation is pretty much the same as looking for a needle in a haystack. Nevertheless, experienced players confirm that at one point this strategy will pay off and the chosen numbers will work in your favor. You will not only make up for your losses, but you will also turn a small profit. For example, you can settle for 10 numbers when playing a 20-card keno and stick to your selection until you win.  The game has an auto play feature, all you have to do is to determine the number of draws you want to take part in, sit back, and scoop fantastic rewards. 

As you know, keno and multi-card keno, in particular, is a luck-based game. You might have the best playing technique and still generate small winnings or no winnings at all. If you are befallen by such unpleasant circumstances, all you can do is to grin and bear it. Some days the God of Luck does not look favorably on you. Namely, that’s what gambling is all about, a fine combination of hope, luck, and skills. You never know when the next lucky strike will occur, so even if you have a bad day, follow the direction you headed to the big keno wins. Luck comes and goes, and when you see it’s on your side, ride the wave and enjoy the reward for all your hard work and dedication to the game.

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